Early January Status

Jan 6, 2014

Welcome to the first News item for 2014.
No major announcements this time, maybe a sign of a maturing distribution?

As always, the repositories are steadily rolling, largest update is the currently tested xorg 1.15 group. Linux-next running on 3.13 is working smooth, so should be no issue to move the stable kernel to 3.13 around 3.13.5 or 6. Other bigger updates were ilmbase/openexr, libxcb, postgresql, kmod and mkinitcpio.

Octopi received a face-lift with a new group widget.snapshot11 The addition of pkgfile, and a change of how the databases are created, makes it possible now to view all files for any package in the repositories, not just the installed packages.

Preliminary talks with Manjaro developers have started to see if there is an option for some collaboration between these two distributions with very different goals, but who share some common ground. The installer developed by Antergos/Manjaro could be a good option for KaOS, if the discussed port to Qt does pan out.

The repositories are still filling, but the pace is slowing. Applications like icedtea-web, epub-thumbnailer, lyx, desmume, scilab, keepassX, kile and packages needed for home-banking were among those added. The end goal of a maximum of about 2100 packages is about 170-180 away....