KaOS ISO 2014.11

Nov 6, 2014

KaOS is proud to announce the availability of the November release of a new stable ISO. Since August updates were done to a good 1200 packages and to stay with the policy that a first pacman -Syu should be an uncomplicated one for new users means a new ISO is needed.

Testing for this ISO took longer then usual, due to the fact that getting ready for an UEFI capable ISO is a must.  For that, the interim installer is not a good option, so a lot of work was done to try and get the new Qt5 based installer, Calamares ready, but it is just too early to use on a stable ISO. So this is one last time a BIOS only ISO.
At the base of the system some of the updates this ISO has, linux 3.16.7, gcc 4.8.3, llvm 3.5.0, Qt5 5.3.2, openssl 1.0.1.j, mesa 10.3.2, bash 4.3.030, poppler 0.26.1, systemd 216 and xorg-server 1.16.1.

The latest KDE 4.14.2 version is available on this ISO, the second in a series of monthly stabilization updates to the 4.14 series. More than 35 recorded bugfixes include improvements to E-Mail client KMail, Umbrello UML Modeller, the document viewer Okular, the plot drawing application Kmplot and the file manager Dolphin.
Large rebuilds were needed for the boost 1.56.0/icu 54.1, ffmpeg 2.4.3 and libimobiledvice/usbmuxd updates.

Major apps that were updated to their latest include Calligra 2.8.6, LibreOffice 4.3.3, Google-Chrome 40, Firefox 33.0.2
The move to gstreamer 1.0 only in the KaOS repos is almost complete, with that, Clementine is back on this ISO since it too moved to gstreamer 1.0.
New to this ISO is the Qt5 webcam app "webcamoid" and the opensource, Qt5 based, file sharing client Seafile

About 200 packages will be moved with the release of this ISO, so for all current users, give your mirror a few hours to fully sync, or wait until tomorrow to do your update.