KaOS uses several issue trackers for it’s used components. Before reporting an issue familiarize with what each component is for:

  • Core Bugs : Report here for issues involving the base of the system, this includes the kernel, systemd, toolchain for building and basic command-line tools
  • Main Bugs : Issues regarding libraries, extra drivers and firmware needed to make the Desktop and Applications function
  • Apps Bugs : Applications seen and used by the users, including all of KDE and any needed tools, reporting here is mainly for GUI packages
  • Live ISO Issues : Any issues related to creating the Live Media and running the Live environment
  • Installer Issues : Issues regarding using the installer and partitioning the hard-drive for the target install

Getting bugs fixed is an important, if not crucial part of the quality assurance for any project. To be able to solve any issue stands and falls with how a bug report is created. See Asking and Reporting the Smart Way for a basic guideline to create useful reports. When reporting try to include:

  • Basic hardware info
  • Preferably the outcome of Octopi > Tools > SysInfo
  • Version of the effected Applications
  • Exact name & date of the used ISO for installation issues
  • Logs
  • Screenshots