Why donate money? KaOS is free of cost and doesn't generate any direct sort of income. This means that without donations, server costs, paying for hardware needs and test equipment all has to be covered by the developers, on top of the weekly average of 15-20 hours (spare time has to be found for this) it takes to maintain KaOS.

To support KaOS, donations can be made through LFX Crowdfunding (part of the Linux Foundation). Funds will be used to offset server costs, obtain needed hardware, upgrade (build) servers and to fund the work of the people behind it.

How can I see how the money is spent? With using LFX Crowdfunding all income and expenses for KaOS are complete public and transparent. You can read all about how donating to a project works in LFX Crowdfunding documentation.

Funding open source projects with transparency and trust while reducing busywork

Past supporters of KaOS through PayPal or Flattr. Thank You!

  • Andreas Hein
  • Andy Wywiorka
  • Christopher Bagdanov
  • Eduardo Bohoyo Díaz
  • Fred Heesterbeek
  • Gunther Strube
  • Indy Chery
  • Jacek Jaworski
  • Jacques Santer
  • Jerrilyn Tiebesl
  • Jose Fernandez Garcia
  • Jose Mario González González
  • Klaus Bergius
  • Melvin Morris
  • Neil Rankine
  • Orlando Monedero Mones
  • Paresh Adhia
  • Peter Seifert
  • Scott McDonough
  • Stéphane Massoni
  • Thomas Kaiser
  • Vikram Udyavar