Aug 21, 2013

As stated in the Early August news item, next needed step was to get an installer functioning for KaOS.
The Linux Mint installer was the easiest to make work, but it integrates really badly. Biggest issue with that one though, it inherits the settings of all Ubuntu derivatives, it gives the users full root privileges by default, so this installer will not be used.
Tribe, the installer from the Chakra-Project, took a bit more to adapt to KaOS, but is working well now. It has major limitations regarding disk encryption, filesystems used, automated partitioning, so is not a long-term solution.
Most promising is Yali, the Pardus installer, but it is fully integrated with Pisi (their package manager), it will take quite some effort to try and convert that.

The current (August 21) ISO, is fully installable, received quite a few bug fixes since the August 11 ISO and it seems KdeOS is no longer working in quiet obscurity, but picked up/found by a few Google+ and forum communities. This is probably too early, since no decision has been yet, if this distribution brings enough to the table for a much broader user base to ever be a public distribution.

One nice thing came out of this though, Mcder, the artist behind the plasma and color theme used in KaOS has graciously offered to help, and create an exclusive plasma theme for KaOS. A first preview of his work is added to this latest ISO.
As are some more applications, like Calligra 2.7.2 and Amarok 2.8.0.